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Cannabis in Canada: References Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Bud Inc., by Ian Mulgrew, Random House 2010

Cannabis: Report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal drugs

Jailed for Possession: Illegal Drug Use, Regulation, and Power in Canada, 1920-1961, by Catherine Carstairs, University of Toronto Press, 2015

Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow ops, media and justice, by Susan Boyd and Connie Carter, University of Toronto Press, 2014

LeDain commission final report on cannabis, Information Canada, Ottawa, Canada, 1972

Not this time: Canadians, Public Policy and the Marijuana Question, 1961-1975, by Marcel Martel, University of Toronto Press, 2015

The Species Problem in Cannabis, Science and Semantics, by Ernest Small, Corpus, 1979