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Cannabis in Canada: References Pages 81-100

PAGE 81 - Da Kine cannabis shop. Don Briere. Marijuana mail-order.

• Carol Gwilt
Video: Trip: The BC Bud Chronicles Carol Gwilt interview, October 29, 2006

• CTV news broke
Article: CTV Campaign Against Da Kine Produces Showy Police Raid, by Stoke, Cannabis Culture, September 10, 2004

• guns in Afghanistan
Article: BC Bud Buys Guns For Afghans, Vancouver Sun, August 23, 2008

• re-opened the next day
Article: Vancouver pot shop re-opens after raid, by Brooke Thorsteinson and Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, September 16, 2004

• soon arrested again
Article: Vancouver cannabis crackdown, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, October 8, 2004

• sentenced to 15 months
Article: Medical Marijuana Exemptee Carol Gwilt Granted Parole - Out of Prison April 2nd, by CC Staff, Cannabis Culture, March 29 2007

• sentenced to 2.5 years
Article: Jail behind him, pot pioneer back in business, by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, June 28, 2012

• "Every law to do with"
Article: Owner Says Cannabis Laws Should Be Done Away With, by Jeremy Hainsworth, Canadian Press, September 2, 2004

• Bud Buddy
Website: Bud Buddy

• Bud Buddy
Article: Post Office Won't Police Pot By Mail, Canadian press, Toronto Sun, September 20, 2004

• Other mail-order companies: 81-10
Article: Marijuana mail-order, by Bianca Sind, Cannabis Culture, June 2, 2011

PAGE 82 - Tommy Chong bong bust, trial. Nine months in prison.

• stoner character Leo
Wikipedia: Leo That '70s Show'70s_Show)

• called Nice Dreams
Article: Operation Pipe Dream: 10 Years Later, 420 Times Staff, February 22, 2013

• Pennsylvania strict laws
Article: Bong shops under attack!, by Reverend Damuzi and Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture #43, May 20, 2003

• tried to order bongs, agents from Pittsburgh
Book: The Five Rights of the Individual, by Philip Schuyler, iUniverse, Jun 8, 2012

• police threatened
Article: Tommy Chong Speaks From Behind Bars,, October 22, 2003

• she said that
Article: Tommy Chong goes to jail, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, April 5, 2004

• served nine months
Article: Tommy Chong released from prison, by Brooke Thorsteinson, Cannabis Culture, November 3 2004

PAGE 83 - Tommy Chong's activism, supports Emery, joins NDP.

• Pipe Dreams & Head Hunter
News Release: Operations Pipe Dreams And Headhunter Put Illegal Drug Paraphernalia Sellers Out Of Business, US DEA, February 24, 2003

• a/k/a Tommy Chong
Movie: Aka Tommy Chong, Directed by Josh Gilbert, 2007

• Chong usually wore: 83-3
Article: Tommy Chong sports Free Marc Emery t-shirt everywhere, by P.M. Jaworski, Western Standard, November 24, 2009

• Get It Legal
Article: Cheech and Chong Get It Legalized, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, January 14, 2010

• promote policy change
Article: Cheech & Chong To Get It Legal, by Jay Smith, Pollstar, November 16, 2009

• Chong joined the NDP
Article: Tommy Chong endorses Dana Larsen for NDP leader, by Bethany Lundsay, CTV News, January 4, 2011

• to support activist
Video: Tommy Chong joins BC NDP to support Dana Larsen, Pot-TV, January 4, 2011

• win the leadership
Website: Vote Dana

• successfully treated it
Article: Tommy Chong says hemp oil helped him beat cancer, by John R. Kennedy, Global News, May 14, 2013

PAGE 84 - David Malmo-Levine. The Herb School. Six months jail.

• The Herb School
Website: The Herb School

• Herb Museum
Website: Herb Museum

• Vancouver School
Article: The Vancouver School of Drug War History and Organic Cultivation, Herb School

• Drug War History Tours
Article: Drug war history tour, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture #54, April 25, 2005

• tour trivia question
Article: David vs. Goliath, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, October 5, 2009

• Herb School was raided
Article: Vancouver Police Raid The Herb School and Arrest Activist David Malmo-Levine, by Jodie Emery, Cannabis Culture, February 20, 2008

• David plead guilty
Article: Last chance to help keep me out of jail!, by David Malmo-Levine, Cannabis Culture, September 14, 2009

• six month sentence
Article: Vancouver Pot Activist David Malmo-Levine To Be Sentenced, Cannabis Culture, September 30, 2009

• He was released, "the Herb School was..."
Article: Pot Activist Hopes to Resurrect Museum, by Sandra Thomas, The Vancouver Courier, September 15, 2010

PAGE 85 - Marc Emery arrest, extradition. "The BC 3."

• arrested Marc Emery
Article: Emery empire raided at request of United States, by Jennifer Garner, Cannabis Culture, July 29 2005

• sell them pounds
Article: Marc Emery’s not done yet, by Ishmael Daro,, June 23, 2014

• publicly humiliated
Article: Marijuana's martyr: Marc Emery, by Naoibh O'Connor, Vancouver Courier, July 9 2014

• didn't mention seeds
Press Release: Statement from DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy, US DEA, July 29, 2005

• didn't mention seeds
Book: Fatal Distraction: The War on Drugs in the Age of Islamic Terror, by Arnold S. Trebach, Unlimited Publishing, 2006

• didn't mention seeds
Book: Heart of Dankness, by Mark Haskell Smith, Crown/Archetype, 2012

• also facing extradition
Article: No Extradition for the BC3!, by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture, May 28, 2007

• Michelle Rainey
Website: Michelle Rainey

• Greg Williams
Article Archive: Greg Williams, Cannabis Culture

• Heaven's Stairway
Wikipedia: Heaven's Stairway's_Stairway

• two years house arrest
Article: No jail time for millionaire marijuana seed seller, by Shuyee Lee, The Examiner, February 27, 2010

PAGE 86 - Marc Emery's extradition. Five year prison sentence.

• rejected this option
Article: 'Prince of Pot' says plea deal rejected, by Greg Joyce, Canadian Press, The Star, March 28, 2008

• a five year sentence
Article: Pot activist Marc Emery gets 5 years in US jail, CTV News, September 10, 2010

• ran columns
Editorial: Persecuting the Prince, by Rodney Venis, Prince George Citizen, Februray 6, 2008

• editorials
Editorial: Marc Emery should not be extradited, by National Post editorial board, National Post, March 31, 2008

• featured on 60 minutes
Video: The Prince of Pot, 60 Minutes, CBS, March 5, 2006

• The Prince of Pot
Video: The Prince of Pot, The Lens, CBC Newsworld, 2007

• a 24-hour vigil
Video: Prince of Pot Prison Vigil, Global News, October 3, 2009

• over 90 cities worldwide
Article: Worldwide Rallies to Free Marc Emery - Saturday, September 18, Cannabis Culture, August 25 2010

• in solitary confinement
Article: Week three: Marc Emery Held in Solitary Confinement, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, June 9, 2010

• contracted MRSA
Article: Prince of Pot Marc Emery contracts MRSA in jail, Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, July 11, 2011

• play bass guitar
Article: The Interview: Marijuana activists Marc and Jodie Emery, by Jonathon Gatehouse, Maclean's, August 8, 2014

• released back to Canada
Article: Prince of Pot Marc Emery returns to Canada after U.S. prison release, by Allison Jones, Canadian Press, The Star, August 12, 2014

PAGE 87 - Michelle Rainey, medicinal advocate, Idea City.

• Michelle Rainey
Website: Michelle Rainey

• start in the movement
Article: The Sign: Meeting Marc Emery and Getting Involved – Really Involved!, by Michelle Rainey,

• "medicinal" t-shirts
Article: Support Michelle's Legacy - Medicinal Cannabis T-Shirts,

• speaker at Idea City
Speaker: Michelle Rainey, Idea City

• speaker at Idea City
Video: Michelle Rainey is remembered by friends, Idea City, 2011

• Michelle Rainey died
Article: Medical Marijuana Advocate Michelle Rainey Dies From Cancer, by Ian Mulgrew, The Vancouver Sun, October 21, 2010

PAGE 88 - Vancouver 420 event, Toronto Freedom Festival.

• started in California
Article: Mythbusting 420: Its One True Origin (And a Whole Lot of False Ones), by Michael Goldstein, LA Weekly, April 19, 2013

• world's first April 20
Article: The Origins of April 20th as a Day of Celebrating Cannabis, by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture, April 3, 2013

• weed raffles

Canada’s 4/20 Celebrations To Reach Higher Level in 2012
By Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture on April 20, 2012

• safe space for dealers
Article: Cannabis Day 2010: Police Show Respect For Vancouver’s Cannabis Community, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, July 5, 2010

• hug power
Article: High Society: Hug Power
Monday, May 28 2001

• over 25,000: 88-6

• cannabis farmers market
Article: Vancouver 4/20 pot rally heaven for vendors, CBC New, April 20, 2013

• Toronto Freedom Festival
Facebook: Toronto Freedom Festival

• Global Marijuana March
Wikipedia: Global Marijuana March

• 30,000 people
Article: Pot lovers light up Queen's Park, by Tom Godfrey, Toronto Sun, May 1, 2010

• huge protest march
Website: Toronto Global Marijuana March

PAGE 89 - Chris Goodwin. Up In Smoke. Hamilton Hash Mob. 

• his mom found, Hamilton's first 4/20, no arrests, raided within 5 days
Personal conversation with Chris Goodwin, Spring 2015

• Up In Smoke
Article: Up In Smoke, by Terry Ott, View Magazine, August 5, 2004

• Up In Smoke
Article: Pot cafe planned for downtown, by Jennifer Morrison, The Spectator, August 13, 2004

• police visited often
Article: CN ON: Proprietors Promote Pot Peace, by Terry Ott, View Magazine, October 28, 2004

• police visited often
Article: Cops Should Butt Out, by Terry Ott, View Magazine, September 9, 2004

• police visited often
Article: Activist Accused Of Trying To Hijack Forum, by Daniel Nolan, Hamilton Spectator, November 12, 2005

• police visited often
Article: Up In Smoke Cafe is Raided. by Chris Goodwin, Toronto420, July 1, 2005

• Hamilton Hash Mob
Post: Up In Smoke Café Toking Two Years Strong, unveils Hamilton Hash Mob, by Chris Goodwin, Posted 15 July, 2006

• 300 joints
Article: Up in Smoke: Pot Users Blaze A Trail, by Gary Yokoyama, Hamilton Spectator, August 22, 2005

• 4/20 2006
Article: High and Mighty March, by Mary Gazze, Toronto Sun, April 20, 2006

• 4/20 2006
Article: Toking Up In Steeltown, by Jack Boland, Toronto Sun, April 21, 2006

• was raided
Article: Hamilton Cops Use Brute Force in Up In Smoke Cafe Raid, by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture, April 21 2006

• 118 days in jail
Post: Chris Goodwin Out Of Prison!, by BongPixie and Chris Goodwin, Cannabis Culture Forums, November 7, 2006

• Up In Smoke shut down
Article: Up In Smoke Cafe and Arrests, by Marc and Jodie Emery, Cannabis Culture, July 27, 2006

• Vapor Central
Website: Vapor Central

Article: Why does activist risk his marriage, livelihood, liberty?, by Susan Clairmont, The Hamilton Spectator, July 20, 2006

PAGE 90 - Stephen Harper. Mandatory minimum sentences.

• mandatory minimums
Public Prosecution Service of Canada Deskbook, Guideline of the Director Issued under Section 3(3)(c) of the Director of Public Prosecutions Act, 6.2 Mandatory Minimum Penalties for Particular Drug Offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, March 1, 2014

• mandatory minimums
Library of Parliament: 41st Parliament, 1st Session, Legislative Summary of Bill C-10

• NDP fought against
Article: NDP tactics in Commons stall final vote on Conservative omnibus crime bill, by Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press, The Star, March 8, 2012

• voted for it
House of Commons: Vote No. 82, 40th Parliament, 2nd Session, Sitting No. 70, June 8, 2009

• came into force
Article: Worries grow over mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences, by Kim MacKrael, the Globe and Mail, November 12, 2012

• National Post newspaper
Article: The largest expansion of prison building since the 1930s, by Kathryn Blaze Carlson, National Post, September 24, 2011

• by over 30%
Paper: The Enforcement Of Marijuana Possession Offences in British Columbia: A Blueprint for Change, by Neil Boyd, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser Unviersity, February 2013

• In 2011
Statistics Canada: Juristat, Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, Table 4, Police-reported crime for selected offences, Canada, 2010 and 2011

• 61,406 Canadians
Article: Canada’s crime rate at lowest level since 1972, by Oliver Moore, The Globe and Mail, July 24, 2012

PAGE 91 - New medical cannabis system. Matt Mernagh's activism.

• announced changes
Article: Sign The Petition: Say NO to Health Canada’s Changes to Medical Marijuana, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, July 13, 2011

• revoking all permits
Article: Conservatives To Bar Medical Marijuana Users From Growing Their Own Pot, Vancouver Sun, June 17, 2011

• mail-order only
Article: BC government and fed disagree on the Conservatives' new rules for medicinal marijuana, by Travis Lupick, Georgia Straight, October 4, 2013

• kitty litter
Article: Destroy banned marijuana by mixing it with water, cat litter: Health Canada, Canadian Press, The Star, January 13, 2014

• kitty litter
Article: Brutal press release from Health Canada shows their disdain for cannabis medicines and patients in need, by Dana Larsen, Vancouver Sun, March 14, 2014

• arrested in 2008
Article: Meet the Man Who Almost Made Weed Legal in Canada, by Patrick McGuire, Vice, September 27 2013

• Ontario Superior Court
Article: Ontario Judge Rules Canada’s Marijuana Laws Unconstitutional, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, April 13, 2011

• overturned the decision
Article: Mernagh Loses Bad: Appeal court overturns inaccessibility ruling, by Al Graham, April 13, 2013

• The Mernahuana Zone
Website: Mernahuana Zone

• Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook
Book: Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook: The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains, by Matt Mernagh, Green Candy Press, 2013

• Mayor of Toronto
Website: Mernagh for Mayor

PAGE 92 - Vapor lounges and dispensaries proliferate.

• BOB Headquarters
Website: BOB Headquarters

• HBI Canada
Website: HBI Canada

• Chads 420
Website: Chads 420

• first medical dispensary
Website: BC Compassion Club Society

• first medical dispensary
Article: Senators Pay a Visit To The Compassion Club, by Glenn Bohn, Vancouver Sun, November 9 2001

• a third dispensary
Website: Vancouver Dispensary Society

• a third dispensary
Article: A Bright Green Spot in the Economy, by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, November 15, 2008

• Burnaby
Article: Burnaby medical marijuana dispensary raided by police Thursday, by Janaya Fuller-Evans and Kelly Sinoski, Burnaby Now/Vancouver Sun, July 29 2011

• Langley
Article: Councillor concern led to dispensary raid, by Dan Ferguson, Langley Times, August 1 2011

• Comox
Article: 'It's only a plant,' says Courtenay man filing Charter challenge against marijuana trafficking charge, Comox Valley Record, July 29, 2012

• Chilliwack
Article: B.C. Mounties bust unlicensed marijuana dispensary, by Carrie Swiggum, CTV News, June 23 2011

• raided and shut down
Article: RCMP Raid Four BC Clubs, by Kyla Williams, Cannabis Digest, October 16, 2011

• C.A.M.C.D.
Website: Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

• raided in Montreal
Article:Quebec Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided, Arrests Planned, by Beyond Prohibition Foundation, Cannabis Culture, June 3, 2010

• Montreal Compassion Centre
Website: Club Compassion

• Cannabis Culture Headquarters
Website: Cannabis Culture Store

• Vapor Central
Website: Vapor Central

• Vape on the Lake
Website: Vape on the Lake

• Treating Yourself Magazine
Website: Treating Yourself Magazine

• Treating Yourself Expo
Article: Treating Yourself Expo 2013 in Photos, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, May 31, 2013

• new organizers Champs
Article: Champs Canada 2014: Country's Largest Marijuana Expo Under New Management, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, June 1 2014

PAGE 93 - Watermelon, cannabis baker, model, advocate.

• "That beach is"
Article: Watermelon's Stoner's Extravaganja!, by John Flash Gordon, Cannabis Culture, January 12, 2005

• arrested on Wreck Beach
Article: Watermelon Versus The World, by Alexendra Gill, Globe and Mail, October 30 2001

• arrested on Wreck Beach
Article: Where Capitalism Doesn't Wear Any Pants, by Dan Murphy, The Province, July 28 2002

• naked and handcuffed
Article: Watermelon Versus The World, Globe and Mail, October 30, 2001

• found any cannabis resin
Article: That's the way the B.C. cookie case crumbles, CBC News, January 7, 2005

• "Oddly the arrest"
Article: Juicy Slices of Watermelon Advice, by Maria Pedone, June 2012

• Baked and Baking

• Baking a fool of myself

• pin-ups
Website: Marijuana Pin Ups, Maria Coletsi, 2012

• cover of High Times

• Cannabis Culture
Cover: Cannabis Culture #50

• Canamo
Cover: Canamo No 67, Watermelon, by Marie Coletsis

PAGE 94 - Improvements in vaporizers, grinders, bongs.

• Steve Smith
Video: Plasticsmith Genius, by Raffie0301, BCIT Magazine, November 16, 2009

• Steve Smith
Article: Very Interesting, March 4, 2014

Steve Smith
Article: Kirkus Review, The Psychopath Machine, by Steve Smith, July 21, 2016

• Herbal Aire
Website: Herbal Aire

• Glass VapoRocket
Website: Ignite Smoke Shop, Vaporocket Portable Vaporizer

• Arizer
Website: Arizer

• Joel Manson
Book: Marijuana for Everybody!, by Elise McDonough, p.67, Chronicle Books, 2014

• Joel Manson
Decision: Manson v. Moffett, 2008 19789, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, October 15, 2007

• Sweetleaf
Website: Sweetleaf Grinder

• crackdown on headshops
Article: Cannabis Culture blows up in the Big Smoke, by Matt Mernagh, Dope Chief, April 16 2015

• crackdown on headshops
Article: Hemp Store Harassment, by Chris Clay, David Malmo-Levine, Kelly Francis and Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, January 2, 1998

• Hemp BC
Article: The HempBC Story, by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture, 1994

• plastic tubes
Image: Plastic tube bong

• Works of art
Website: Tumblr Glass Pipe photos

• Red Beard
Website: Red Beard Glass

PAGE 95 - Marc Richardson. Manitoba Harvest. Bubblebags.

• Marc Richardson
Facebook: Marcus Bubbleman Richardson

• Marc Richardson
Audio: Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, Owner of Bubble Bags, by Kyle Kushman, Grow Show, Cannabis Radio, December 2015

• Bubbleman
Youtube Channel: BCbubbleman

• Bubble bags
Website: Bubble Bags

• trichomes
Article: Inside the Trichome, by Bubbleman and Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, June 12, 2009

• trichomes
Article: The anatomy of a trichome, by Sirius J, High Times, March 27 2015

• Bubble Hash:
Article: Bubblehash!, by Pete Brady, Cannabis Culture #41, February 2003

• Hemp Seeds Unlimited
Personal conversation with Marc Richardson, Spring 2015

• experimental crop in 1995
Article: Canada’s Cannabis Farmers, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, November 5, 1995

• experimental crop in 1995
Article: Martin Moravcik, Wikibin

• 1996 hemp crop
Article: 1996 Hemp Trial in Manitoba, by Jack Moes, Hemp World

• manitoba harvest, mike fata
Transcript: Mike Fata, Manitoba Harvest, by David Noel, Manitoba Business Podcast, January 20, 2016

• manitoba harvest, mike fata
Article: The interview: Manitoba Harvest’s Mike Fata, Canadian Grocer staff, April 2, 2015

• 1998 arrested, $6000 16 pounds, "police had to return the $6000"
Article: Judge Orders Discharge In Pot Case, by Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun, January 29 2000

• 1998 arrested, $6000 16 pounds, "police had to return the $6000"
Article: Pot For Poorly Nets Suspended Sentence, by Anna Marie D'Angelo, North Shore News, February 7 2000

• Hilary Black
Document: Regina V Marcus Richardson, Reasons on Sentence of the Honourable Judge J.B. Paradis, December 8 1999

• "eager to stand behind me"
Personal conversation with Marc Richardson, Spring 2015

• Hash Church
Videos: Hash Church with Bubbleman

• Hash Church
Article: This Sunday, Go to Hash Church, by Tyler Terps, Pot Guide, September 4 2015

PAGE 96 - Dominic Cramer. Mayor of Yongsterdam. Kindred Cafe.

• Mayor of Yongesterdam
Article: Best of Toronto, Now Toronto, October 26, 2006

• Mayor of Yongesterdam
Article: Everybody Must Get Stoned, by Nicholas Hune-Brown, Toronto Life, July 1 2009

• Mayor of Yongesterdam
Article: Dom Cramer: The Business of Compassion, by Chad Nance, Skunk Magazine, August 25, 2009

• $6000 settlement
Article: With a bong in his heart, by Ian Harvey, National Post, May 7 2005

• raided by police
Article: Canadian med-pot clubs under attack, by Reverend Damuzi, Cannabis Culture #40, November 22 2002

• raided by police
Outlaw Compassion, Scott Dagostino, Xtra!, July 31 2008

• Kindred Cafe
Website: Kindred Cafe

• was raided
Video: Kindred Cafe Raid CP24 NEWS Toronto, November 21 2008

• was raided
Article: Law or no, these joints are smokin' in the city, by Paola Loriggio, The Star, January 1, 2009

• emptied the cafe
Article: Downtown coffee house busted for pot, by Henry Stancu, The Star, November 20 2008

• emptied the cafe
Article: Why was the Kindred Cafe busted, by Guest Contributor, November 22, 2008

• turned himself in
Article: Pot café owner to turn himself in, by Susan Walker, The Star, November 24 2008

• his company pled guilty
Personal conversation with Dominic Cramer

PAGE 97 - Dana Larsen. NDP candidate, Sensible BC, Hairy Pothead.

• Dana Larsen
Website: Dana Larsen

• anti-prohibition club
Book: Hempology 101, Introduction, by Ted Smith, 1996

• anti-prohibition club
Article: Book Review: Budding Talent, Vancouver Sun, September 3 2008

• editor of Cannabis Culture
Article: Letter from the Editor, by Dana Larsen, Marijuana and Hemp Magazine #5, January 1995

• editor of Cannabis Culture
Article: Tenth Anniversary, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture #54, March 2, 2005

• editor of Cannabis Culture
Article: The Constant of Change, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture #55, April 13 2005

• founding member
Article: BC's pot party, by Bianca Sind, Cannabis Culture #31, May 14 2001

• joined the NDP
Article: Should Canada’s Marijuana Party join the NDP?, by Bianca Sind, Cannabis Culture, November 24, 2003

• End Prohibition
Website: End Prohibition

• NDP conventions
Website: NDP Drug Policies, End Prohibition

• Ontario convention
Thread: Dana at the Ont NDP Convention this weekend, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture Forums, March 3 2009

• Manitoba convention
Thread: Manitoba NDP Convention, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture Forums, October 27 2006

• Alberta convention
Thread: Alberta NDP convention report, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture Forums, June 13 2008

• saskatchewan convention
Article: Saskatchewan NDP Convention Endorses Pot Decriminalization, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, November 18 2006

• banned from NDP convention
Article: Larsen Kicked Out Of NDP Convention, Coast Reporter, August 24 2009

• banned from NDP convention
Article: What happened to you, NDP? You used to be cool, by Kady O'Malley, August 13, 2009

• banned from NDP convention
Article: NDP ban former candidate Dana Larsen from Halifax convention, by Jeff Jedras, A BCer in Ottawa, August 13, 2009

• banned from NDP convention
Thread: Dana Larsen has NDP convention credentials revoked,, August 12, 2009

• banned from NDP convention
Video: NDP Convention 2009, Banned delegate Dana Larsen speaks out!, by ndpconvention20009, August 14, 2009

• banned from NDP convention
Article: NDP Marijuana Activist Booted Out Of Halifax Convention, by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture, August 13, 2009

• Vancouver Seed Bank
Article: Pot Activist Sells Seeds To Advance Cause, by Doug Ward, Vancouver Sun, September 15 2006

• Vancouver Seed Bank
Website: Vancouver Seed Bank

• resigned
Article: BC NDP candidate resigns, by Robert Matas, Globe and Mail, September 17 2008

• released videos
Video: NDP kicks out drug policy activists Dana Larsen, Kirk Tousaw, CBC & CTV

• released videos
Video: Why Is Dana Larsen No Longer A NDP Candidate?, September 22, 2008

• ran for the leadership
Website: Vote Dana

• ran for the leadership
Article: Marijuana activist Dana Larsen sparks up B.C. NDP leadership race, by Stephen Thomson, The Georgia Straight, December 29, 2010

• ran for the leadership
Video: Dana Larsen announces B.C. NDP leadership bid, The Georgia Straight, December 29 2010

• ran for the leadership
Video: Dana Larsen Announces His Run For BC NDP Leader, Cannabis Culture, December 29, 2010

• ran for the leadership
Video: Dana Larsen Speaks at BC NDP Leadership Assembly, Cannabis Culture, April 18, 2011

• Tommy Chong joined
Video: Tommy Chong joins BC NDP to support Dana Larsen, Pot-TV, January 4, 2011

• Tommy Chong joined
Article: Tommy Chong endorses Dana Larsen for NDP leader, by Bethany Lindsay, CTV News, January 4, 2011

• Tommy Chong joined
Article: Tommy Chong lights up B.C. NDP campaign, Canadian press, CBC News, March 7 2011

• international media

• Sensible BC campaign

• Hairy Pothead
Website: Hairy Pothead

• Hairy Pothead
Article: Potter Rotters, Daily Record, September 24, 2007

• Green Buds and Hash
Website: Green Buds and Hash

• Green Buds and Hash
Video: ‘Green Buds and Hash’: Pot activist under fire for Dr. Seuss parody, by Peter Grainger, CTV Vancouver, July 23, 2015

• Vancouver Magazine
Article: The Vancouver Power 50 2013, Vancouver Magazine, November 19 2013

PAGE 98 - The Kootenays. Doukhobors. Nelson. Holy Smoke.

• doukhobors
Article: Doukhobors, by Julie Rak and George Woodcock, Canadian Encyclopedia, August 22 2013

• doukhobors
Article: Doukhobor culture and migration to Canada Timeline, Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History Project, 2006

• Doukhobors
Wikipedia: Doukhobor

• Doukhobor nudism
Article: Doukhobor ‘freedom seeker’ nudism: Exploring the sociocultural roots, by Veronika Makarova, p.131-145, Culture and Religion, An Interdisciplinary Journal, Volume 14, Issue 2, August 24 2012

• Doukhobor nudism
Article: Hello, nudist Doukhobors!, Regina Leader-Post archives, August 22 1932

• Doukhobor pacifism
Article: About the Doukhobors, USCC Doukhobors, 2013

• nudism
Wikipedia: Freedomites

• emigrated to canada
Wikipedia: Doukhobor Migration to Canada

• sustained on cannabis
Book: Our People's Way, A study in Doukhobor Hymbnody and Folklife, by F.M. Mealing, 1972

• sustained on cannabis
Article: The Threads of our Heritage, Joybilee Farm, March 8, 2009

• sustained on cannabis
Article: Huge land tract reportedly sold to Russian sect, by Mays Landolin, Times Herald, November 29, 1930

• sustained on cannabis
Article: Helen Verigin interviews Mrs Helen Zeberoff, by Helen Verigin, Larrys Desk,

• sustained on cannabis
Article: Textiles and Fibre Craft in our Cultural History, Doukhobor Cultural Interpretive Society, 2014

• still eagle store
Website: Still Eagle Store

• hempfest 1993
Video: Hempfest, BCTV News, August 27 1993

• hempfest 1993
Poster: Hempfest 1993 Salmo, H.E.M.P. Canada, Holy Smoke

• nelson cannabis compassion club
Website: Nelson Cannabis Compassion Club, Community Nut Shell

• holy smoke
Article: Welcome, Holy Smoke Culture Shop, Holy Smoke, 2004

• got raided
Article: Holy Smoke Owners Enter Not Guilty Pleas, by Lara Schroeder, Nelson Daily News, Aopril 29 1998

• got raided
Article: Holy Smoke In Court, by Drew Edwards, Nelson Daily News, November 6 1998

• cops bungled the case
Letter: A Holy Smoke Owner Writes, by Paul DeFelice, Nelson Daily News, April 20 1999

• passed a bylaw
Article: City Sues Holy Smoke Over Business Licence, by Bob Hall, Nelson Daily News, October 23 1998

• raised the fee, fought in court
Press Release: Holy Smoke Sued by City of Nelson, Holy Smoke, October 21 1998

• marc emery covering
Article: The holy smokers of BC, by Candace Batychi, High Times Magazine, May 31 1999

• got raided again
Article: Police Raid Holy Smoke, by Sara Newham, Nelson Daily News, July 19 2006

• got raided again
Article: Pot Crusaders Moving Through Court System, by Sara Newham, Nelson Daily News, November 8 2006

• said defelice
Personal conversation with Paul DeFelice, Spring 2015

• court battles
Article: Holy Smoke Lawyer Argues 'Lesser Of Two Evils', by Sara Newham, Nelson Daily News, December 7 2006

• court battles
Article: Holy Smoke Back In Court, by Sara Newham, Nelson Daily News, January 10 2007

• 9 months house arrest
Article: Holy Smoke House Arrest More Like A Prison Sentence, by Julia Gilmor, Express, June 3 2010

• 9 months house arrest
Article: Holy Smoke Trio Allowed Supervised Outings, by Colin Payne, Nelson Daily News, June 24 2010

• finally shut down
Article: Closing out a chapter on Nelson's Counter Culture, by Timothy Schafer, Nelson Daily News, October 14 2008

PAGE 99 - Church of the Universe. Founding at Clearwater Abbey.

• Jamaican Rastafarians
Article: Rastafari: The Secret History of the Marijuana Religion, by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture, August 29, 2009

• Hindu Shaivites
Article: Shaivism, New World Encyclopedia

• Hindu Shaivites
Article: Shiva: The Most Fascinating of All Hindu Gods, by Subhamoy Das,, December 15 2015

• Hindu Shaivites
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• pagan sects
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• pagan sects
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• The Church of the Universe
Website: The Church of the Universe

• founded the Church
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• Tree of Life
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• Clearwater Abbey, Nude Olympics, lengthy court battles, orange police blankets, "has been an abuse", forced from its home
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• city council didn't like
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• Nude Olympics, clad in a blanket
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PAGE 100 - Church of the Universe. Court battles and jail time.

• countless legal battles
Article: Legal gadfly brought theatre to Hamilton’s courts, by Paul Legall, Law Times, June 18 2012

• covered only with blankets
Article: The Canadian Inquisition, Part One, A history of the Church of the Universe, by Daniel Loehndorf, Cannabis Culture #9, June 1 1997

• the hat issue, underwear, forced to return, tape Baldasaro's mouth
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• underwear on head
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• found them guilty
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• five months, three months
Article: Get-out-of-jail cards for Hamilton pot priests, Hamilton Spectator, September 24, 2009

• seized their church building
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• seized their church building
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• seized their church building
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• first residence seized
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• For further reading on the COTU
Transcript: Evidence of Kimberley Walker, Excerpt, Before the Honourable Mr Justice Weseloh, March 3, 7 and 8 2005, Hamilton