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Cannabis in Canada: References Pages 121 - 129

PAGE 121 - Cannabis extracts. Various forms of ingestion.

• extracted by cooking
Article: Cooking with cannabis 101,

• into a tincture
Article: How To Make Cannabis Tinctures, by Cindy Lou, Marijuana Growers Headquarters, December 20, 2011

• difficult to standardize:
Article: The Therapeutic Value of Cannabis Indica, The Canada medical record, Nov. 1891

• difficult to standardize:
Book: Antique Cannabis Book, Chapter 4, Cannabis Tinctures and Fluid Extracts

• psychedelic experiences
Article: THC as a Psychedelic, by St. Stephen, Erowid, January 6 2013

• psychedelic experiences
Thread: Achieving a psychedelic high with cannabis, by Enlightened_Ape, Reddit

• suppository
Article: Backdoor Medicine: How Cannabis Suppositories Can Save Lives, by Nicholas Fraleigh, Cannabis Digest, September 23, 2014

• suppository
Article: Cannabis suppositories show immense promise, by Casey Riley, Green Rush Daily, October 10 2016

• sticky extracts
Wikipedia: Hash Oil

• called "dabs"
Article: Dabs, Dabbing and BHO Explained, Health Tech, Leaf Science, June 11 2014

• juicing
Article: 5 Reasons To Juice Your Cannabis, Health Tech, Leaf Science, July 18 2014

• fresh cannabis juice
Article: Juicing Cannabis, Medical Jane, 2016

• fresh cannabis juice
Article: Is juicing raw marijuana the next green drink?, by Julie Revelant, Fox News, July 13, 2015

• fresh cannabis juice
Article: Is juicing raw cannabis the miracle health cure that some of its proponents believe it to be?, by MArtin Lee, O'Shaughnessy's, Alternet, April 3 2013

PAGE 122 - Cannabis for various ailments. Cancer, Alzheimer's.

• pain, nausea, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, depression
Website: Consumer Information, Cannabis (Marihuana, marijuana), Health Canada, July 2016

• epileptic seizures
Article: Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado Report to the Community, Epilepsy Foundation Colorado, 2016

• asthma attacks
Article: Marijuana As a Treatment for Asthma, by Jerry Shaw, Livestrong, August 16 2003

• asthma attacks
Article: Marijuana and Asthma, by Lisa, RX Marijuana, 2016

• asthma attacks
Study: Effects of smoked marijuana in experimentally induced asthma, by DP Tashkin, BJ Shapiro, YE Lee, CE Harper, American Review of Respiratory Disease, September 1975

• fibromyalgia
Article: Marijuana Rated Most Effective for Treating Fibromyalgia, National Pain Report, April 21, 2014

• glaucoma
Study: Cannabinoids and glaucoma, by I Tomida, R Pertwee, and A Azuara-Blanco, British Journal of Ophthalmology, May 2004

• glaucoma
Study: Cannabinoids in the treatment of glaucoma, by T. Järvinen T, D. Pate, K. Laine, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, August 2002

• Crohn's
Article: Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn's Disease, by R. Schicho and M. Storr, Pharmacology, Vol 93, No 1-2, March 2-14

• Crohn's
Study: Cannabis induces a clinical response in patients with Crohn's disease, by T. Naftali et al., Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, October 2013,

• Crohn's
Article and Video: Medical Marijuana Achieves ‘Complete Remission’ Of Crohn's Disease; Drug Improves Appetite And Sleep Function, With No Side Effects, by Chris Weller, Medical Daily, July 18 2013

• arthritis
Article and Video: New study explores the effect of cannabis on arthritis pain, CTV News, July 13 2015

• arthritis
Booklet: Arthritis and Medical Cannabis, Americans for Safe Access, 2016

• alcoholism
Article: Can Weed Really Help Addicts Recover from Alcoholism and Hard Drug Use?, by Sophie Saint Thomas, Vice, April 4 2015

• alcoholism
Article: Harm Reduction for Alcohol, Marijuana Maintenance as a Treatment for Alcohol Dependence, HAMS Harm Reduction Network, 2015

• alcoholism
Article: The Legalization of Marijuana Could Reduce Alcoholism, by Mark Strauss,, October 10 2014

• opiate addiction
Article: Is Weed the Secret to Beating Opiate Addiction?, by Tracey Mitchell and Abby Haglage, Daily Beast, September 5 2014

• opiate addiction
Article: Can medical marijuana solve our opioid addiction problem?, by Nikhil Swaminathan, Al Jazeera, October 23, 2014

• opiate addiction
Article: Cannabis Reduces Withdrawals: Research recognizes treatment potential, but state laws still don’t, by Bailey Rahn, Weed Blog, June 15 2012

• reduced use of pharma
Study: Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs: A
dispensary-based survey of substitution effect in Canadian
medical cannabis patients, by Philippe Lucas, Addiction Research and Theory, September 2012

• lab and animal studies
Website: Cannabis and Cannabinoids, National Cancer Institute

• shrink tumours
Article: New Research Shows How Marijuana Compound Can Reduce Tumor Growth In Cancer Patients, by Matt Ferner, Huffington Post, July 16 2014

• CBD stopped metastis
Article: Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers, by Robin Wilkey, Huffington Post, September 19 2012

• killed leukemia cells
Article: Marijuana Compounds Can Kill Some Cancer Cells: Study, by Matt Ferner, Huffington Post, October 25 2013

• produce dramatic reductions
Article: Marijuana Drastically Shrinks Aggressive Form Of Brain Cancer, New Study Finds, by Carly Schwartz, Huffington Post, November 18 2014

• benefit the brain, trauma
Article: Study: Cannabis may prevent brain damage, Fox News, June 6, 2013

• promote the growth
Study: The effect of cannabichromene on adult neural stem/progenitor cells, by Noriko Shinjyo and Vincenzo Di Marzo, Neurochemistry International, Volume 63, Issue 5, November 2013

• new brain cells
Article: Cannabichromene In Marijuana Helps Brain Grow, Study Shows, Truth On Pot, August 20, 2013

• Alzheimer's
Article: Chronic cannabidiol treatment improves social and object recognition in double transgenic mice, by David Cheng, Psychopharmacology, Volume 231, Issue 15, August 2014

• Alzheimer's
Article: Marijuana compound may offer treatment for Alzheimer’s disease USF preclinical study finds, by Anne DeLotto Baier, Byrd Alzheimer's Institute, College of Pharmacy, Morsani College of Medicine, August 27 2014

• reverse dementia
Article: Cannabis may help reverse dementia: study, by Amy Corderoy, Sydney Morning Herald, February 6 2013

• prevent Alzheimer's
Article: Cannabidiol (CBD) May Help Fight Cognitive Impairments From Alzheimer’s, by Drake Dorm, Medical Jane, March 8 2014

• cleaning away
Study: Neuroprotective effect of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component from Cannabis sativa, on beta-amyloid-induced toxicity in PC12 cells, by T. Iuvone et al., Journal of Neurochemistry, April 2004

• THC simultaneously treated
Study: A Molecular Link Between the Active Component of Marijuana and Alzheimer's Disease Pathology, by Lisa Eubanks, Molecular Pharmaceutics, August 9 2006

• Several recent studies
Article: Cannabinoids Protect the Brain and Heart From Injury
by Paul Armentano, NORML, June 6, 2013

• cannabinoids protect brain
Article: Cannabinoids Show Promise In Protecting Brain From Inflammation, Leaf Science, September 25 2013

• trauma
Study: CB1 and CB2 Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonists Prevent Minocycline-Induced Neuroprotection Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice, by Ana Belen Lopez-Rodriguez et al., Cerebral Cortex, December 8 2014

• trauma
Article: Marijuana May Be Key To Healing Injured Brain, Truth On Pot, August 23, 2013

• trauma
Article: Medical marijuana can minimize brain damage, by Dr Tim Sandle, Medical Marijuana Review, August 13 2013

• stroke
Article: Compounds in cannabis could limit stroke damage, by Emma Thorne, University of Nottingham, December 3, 2013

• a 2014 study
Study: Effect of marijuana use on outcomes in traumatic brain injury, by BM Nguyen, et al., The American Surgeon, October 2014

• 80% less likely
Article: Pot tied to fewer brain injury deaths: study, by Anne Harding, Reuters, October 13 2014

• cannabis-based creams
Website: MJ Creams

• are effective
Website: MJ Creams, Studies and Research

• skin allergies
Article: Constituents Of Hashish And Marijuana May Help To Fight Inflammation And Allergies, University of Bonn, June 8, 2007

• pruritus
Study: Topical cannabinoid agonists : An effective new possibility for treating chronic pruritus, S. Stander et al., Hautarzt, September 2006

• eczema
Article: Topical Use of Cannabis, Cannabis Plus

• eczema
Article: Cannabinoids Reduce Skin Inflammation, NORML, June 14 2007

• psoriasis
Study: Cannabinoids inhibit human keratinocyte proliferation through a non-CB1/CB2 mechanism and have a potential therapeutic value in the treatment of psoriasis, by Jonathan Wilkinson, Journal of Dermatological Science, Volume 45, Issue 2, February 2007

• reducing pain
Study: Topical cannabinoid enhances topical morphine antinociception, by O. Yesilyurt et al., Pain, September 2003

• inflammation
Study: Histamine induced responses are attenuated by a cannabinoid receptor agonist in human skin, by M. Dvorak, Inflammation Research, Volume 52, Issue 6, May 2003

• healing of wounds
Article: Cannabis and wound healing, by Dr Jake Felice, Cannabis Matrix, November 13 2013

• anti-bacterial
Article: Killing bacteria with cannabis, by Yun Xie, Ars Technica, August 26 2008

• anti-bacterial effects, infections like MRSA
Study: Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa: A Structure-Activity Study, by Giovanni Appendino et al., Journal of Natural Products, May 2008

• infections like MRSA
Article: A New MRSA Defense, by Nora Schultz, MIT Technology Review, September 12, 2008

• infections like MRSA
Article: Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria, by Nora Schultz, September 12, 2008

PAGE 123 - Cannabis for childhood epilepsy.

• Hayley Rose, 40 grams a day
Article: 'My daughter will die' under new Canadian marijuana laws, CBC News, February 21, 2014

• Hayley Rose
Video: Interview: Cheryl T. Rose of Hayley’s Foundation, Cannabis in Canada, May 26 2015

• Hayley's comet
Article: Hayley's Comet, 1:1 ratio helps epilepsy patient find relief, by Owen Smith, Lift Cannabis, September 1, 2014

• Charlotte's Web
Article: Marijuana stops child's severe seizures, by Saundra Young, CNN, August 7 2013

• Charlotte's Web
Wikipedia: Charlotte's Web Cannabis

• Keeyan Guillamot
Article: Edmonton mother struggling to find legal options to treat ailing son, by Kevin Maimann, Edmonton Sun, April 4 2015

• Liam McKnight
Article: Six-year-old medical marijuana user runs afoul of Health Canada rules, by Marie-Danielle Smith, Ottawa Citizen, July 16, 2014

• "He had new words"
Article: 'Health Canada says he has to smoke it': Six-year-old medical marijuana patient not allowed to use cannabis oil, by Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post, July 17, 2014

• Supreme Court decision
Article: Medical marijuana legal in all forms, Supreme Court rules, by Trinh Theresa Do, CBC News, June 11 2015

• change their policy
Article: Health Canada now allowing medical marijuana producers to sell cannabis oil, by Andrew Russell, Global News, July 8 2015

• Mia Wilkinson
Article: In Canada, Parents Vow To Give Their Sick Children Medical Marijuana — Even If Doctors Won’t, by Rachel Browne, Vice News, July 21, 2015

• "Within 24 hours"
Article: Medical marijuana gives epileptic child new lease on life, by Michael Platt, Calgary Sun, April 26 2014

• "I'm not going to watch"
Article: Mother fears for daughter's health after marijuana prescription not renewed, CTV News, July 16 2015

PAGE 124 - Cannabis for fibreboard, construction, fuel.

• modern technology
Paper: Hemp - a New Crop with New Uses for North America, by Ernest Small, Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre, Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and by David Marcus, Natural Hemphasis, Presented at the 5th National Symposium, New Crops and New Uses: Strengths in Diversty, November 10-13, 2001

• modern technology
Video: Processing Hemp from the field to textile fibre, Hemp Australia, February 17, 2013

• modern technology
Article: Industrial Hemp: A Win-Win For The Economy And The Environment, by Logan Yonavjak,, May 29, 2013

• clothing
Google Search: Hemp clothing

• industrial textiles
Article: Hemp: The First Industrial Textile, by Stephen Orgel and Michael Ravnitzky, Monastery-Hemporium, 1995

• composite car panels
Article: Centre works on hemp fibreglass replacement, by Martin Cash, Winnipeg Free Press, April 12 2012

• car panels
Article: Hemp Cars Could Be Wave of the Future, by Amanda Onion, ABC News, June 4, 2001

• durable paper
Paper: The Sustainability of Tree Paper vs. Hemp Paper, by Nicole Chen, Annie Thuan (9712748 1)
Matt Pretty, Jenna Vanstone, Christina MacDonald, Colleen O’Toole, Mark Dwyer and Natalie Gruenig, University of Waterloo, December 7,1998

• strengthen recycled
Webpage: 100% Recycled Paper Products, Green Field Paper Company

• strengthen recycled
Book: Cannabis in Medical Practice: A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological Overview of the Therapeutic Use of Marijuana,
edited by Mary Lynn Mathre RN, p.201, McFarland, 1997

• 85% cellulose
Article: Kentucky Pursues Federal Hemp Legalization, North American Industrial Hemp Council, May 24, 2013

• fibreboard, tiles
Article: Hempcrete, Hemp Building Materials, Hemp For Houses, by Rolf B. Priesnitz, Hemphasis

• construction & furniture
Article: Hemp plastics show their mettle, by Paul Benhaim, Hemphasis magazine, Spring 2004

• construction & furniture
Website: Original Green Distribution

• construction & furniture
Video: Hemp Chair, Werner Aisslinger, MOROSOfficial, April 24 2012

• construction & furniture
Article: Hemp For Houses, by Rolf Priesnitz, Natural Life Magazine, 2006

• construction
Video: Kevin McCloud talks about building with industrial hemp, Bringing It Home, January 10 2012

• construction & furniture
Book: Building with Hemp, by Steve Allin, Seed Press, 2005

• hempcrete, 165kg of CO2
Article: What is Hempcrete?, American Lime Technology

• hempcrete
Website: Hempcrete Australia

• insulator
Video: Insulating a Solid wall with Lime Hemp Plaster, by The Restoration Couple, January 30 2014

• plaster spray
Article: How to apply hemp-lime plaster for insulation, by Victoria, October 25, 2012

• plaster spray
Video: Hemp and lime spraying for buildings, by Snowflake1210, October 6 2011

• 165kg of CO2
Article: Why building with hempcrete is good for the environment, by Alex Sparrow, Hemp-lime Construct, March 8 2014

• pyrolysis
Article: Biomass Fuels from Hemp - Seven Ways Around the Gas Pump, by A. Das and T. B. Reed,

• pyrolysis
Paper: Fast Pyrolysis of Hemp in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor, by S.S. Kim, Kangwon National University, J. Kim, Kyung Hee University, H.H. Choi, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2014 Annual Meeting

• pyrolysis
Paper: Influence of process conditions on the production of activated carbons from textile waste, Paul Williams, et al, Department of Fuel and Energy and School of Textile Industries, University of Leeds, 1st World Conference on Biomass for Energy and Industry, Volume 1, June 2000

• pyrolysis
Book: Handbook of Bioenergy Crops: A Complete Reference to Species, Development and Applications, by Nasir El Bassam, Earthscan, 2010

• supercapacitors
Article: Hemp fibres better than graphene, by James Morgan, BBC News, August 13 2014

• supercapacitors
Article: Hemp Carbon Makes Supercapacitors Superfast, by Mark Crawford, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, July 2013

• Consolidated Growers
Article: Hemp harvested under air of optimism, by Ian Bell, The Western Producer, August 20 1998

• Consolidated Growers
Article: Growers Pin Success on Alternative Crops, by Robert Amason, The Western Producer, July 30 2015

• phytoremediation
Article: Hemp Eats Chernobyl Waste, Offers Hope For Hanford, by Elaine Charkowski, Central Oregon Green Pages

• phytoremediation
Article: Hemp helps Chernobyl, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, 1999

• phytoremediation
Study: Industrial hemp growing on heavy metal contaminated soil: fibre quality and phytoremediation potential, P. Linger, J. Mussig, H. Fischer, J. Kobert, Industrial Crops and Products, Volume 16, Issue 1, July 2002, Pages 33–42

• phytoremediation
Article: Phytoremediation, Using Plants to Clean Soil, Botany Global Issues Map, February, 2000

• phytoremediation
Paper: Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a phytoremediator, by Laura Cascardi, Colorado State, December 6, 2012

• has been proposed
Article: Shrooms Can Clean Oil-Tainted Soil, by Tina Casey, Clean Technica, November 30 2011

• has been proposed
Article: Phytoremediation Characteristics of Weeds and Mushrooms as a Metal Scavenger in Restoring Metal Contaminated Soil, by Rafia Azmat, Sumeria Moin, Neelofer Hamid, Ailiya Saeed, Hajira Nasreen and Noushab Qamar, Science Alert, March 18, 2014

• has been proposed
Article: Plants, a Good Way to Clean Up Soil Toxins, by Jeanne Roberts, Celsias, January 2009

PAGE 125 - Cannabis seed nutrition, industrial uses.

• food source
Article: Hemp Seeds, Pure Healing Foods

• hemp hearts
Website: Manitoba Harvest Products, Hemp Hearts

• third is protein, 80% EFA's
Study: Hempseed as a nutritional resource: An overview, by J.C. Callaway, University of Kuopio, Finland, 2004

• protein
Article: Hemp Seed is Natures Perfect High Protein Food,

• treat tuberculosis
Article: Hemp seed considered effective medication against tuberculosis in prewar Czechoslovakia, Summary of a paper by J. Kabelik, Z. Krejci, F. Santavy, 1955

• treat tuberculosis
Study: Importance of hemp seeds in the tuberculosis therapy, Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis, Tom VI, Prof. Jan Kabelik, Hemp as a Medicament

• treat tuberculosis
Article: The Use of Hemp Milk to Treat Tuberculosis, by Arthur Hanks, March 19, 2014

• treat tuberculosis
Video: Hemp Milk for Treating Tuberculosis, by Garney Kranz, Global Hemp, Hemp Seedee

• eczema
Article: Eczema healed by hemp oil, Daily Mail

• eczema
Study: Efficacy of dietary hempseed oil in patients with atopic dermatitis, by Callaway J, Schwab U, Harvima I, Halonen P, Mykkänen O, Hyvönen P, Järvinen T, Journal of Dermatology Treatment, April 2005

• biodiesel
Article: Hemp Biodiesel: When the Smoke Clears, by Holly Jessen, Biodiesel Magazine, January 24 2007

• biodiesel
Article: Hemp Energy: Sounds like a joke, but it’s not!, by Alice Truong, How Stuff Works, August 20 2012

• biodiesel
Article: Hemp Produces Viable Biodiesel, UConn Study Finds, by Christine Buckley, Biofuel Consortium, University of Connecticut, October 6 2012

• varnish, pigment binder
Wikipedia: Hemp Oil

• varnish
Article: Badger Wood Oil, why Hemp?, by Mike Westner, Badger's Blog, June 13 2011

• calyx
Book: Marijuana Botany, by Robert Clarke, Ronin Publishing, 1993

• Canadian poultry review
Article: Transportation of Live Birds by Sea, by W.H. Thick, Canadian Poultry Review, March 1883

PAGE 126 - Cannabis hemp industry growth. Using hemp CBD resin.

• grocery stores
Google Search: Where to buy hemp seeds in Canada

• 34,000 hectares
Article: Canola growers turn to more profitable hemp, by Carrie Tait, The Globe and Mail, August 19, 2014

• seed production, imported annually
Article: Grow Hemp, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, 2016

• the three prairie, sent to manitoba
Article: Industrial Hemp Production in Canada, prepared by Emmanuel Anum Laate, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, June 25, 2012$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/econ9631

• Canadian hemp trade alliance
Website: Canadian hemp trade alliance

• five-year trial, hemp in Alberta
Article: Potential of hemp in Alberta grows, by Shari Narine, Top Crop Manager, October 30, 2013

• five-year trial
Article: Longer days yield more fibre: hemp researcher, by Dan Yates, The Western Producer, May 28, 2015

• Alyssa
Website: Alyssa, Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers

• Anka
Article: Industrial Hemp, Valley Bio, 2016

• CFX-1, CRS-1
Website: Farmer Friendly Grain Varieties, Hemp Genetics International

• Delores
Website: Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers, Delores

• Finola
Website: Finola

• heavily regulated
Website: About Hemp & Canada's Hemp Industry, Frequently Asked Questions, Health Canada

• heavily regulated
Document: Guidance Document for the Industrial Hemp Regulations, Health Canada, archived on November 21, 2016

• launched a campaign
Press Release, Canadian Hemp Trade Association, Canada’s Hemp Industry Calls for Deregulation, December 9, 2013

• extremely low cost
Article: Canada's Shocking Waste Of A Billion Grams Of Medical Cannabis Resin, by Dana Larsen, Huffington Post, July 7, 2014

• Canadian hemp overview
Article: Growing interest in growing hemp crops, by Lisa Guenther, Grain News, November 27, 2014

PAGE 127 - Cannabis confusion, dispensaries, Trudeau elected.

• tried to shut down
Article: Brutal press release from Health Canada shows their disdain for cannabis medicines and patients in need, by Dana Larsen, Vancouver Sun, March 14, 2014

• patient-led
Website: Cannabis Rights Coalition

• injunction
Article: Court injunction lets patients keep growing medical pot, Canadian Press, The Star, March 21 2014

• harassed by police
Video: Halifax medical marijuana user wants compensation for seized property, by Ray Bradshaw, Global News, May 15 2015

• harassed by police
Article: Man arrested at Victoria Park pro-pot rally in London, by Dale Carruthers, The London Free Press, April 20 2015

• harassed by police
Article: Kamloops man wants police to return his pot plants, Canadian Press, Global News, February 21 2015

• Vancouver had over 100
Article: Marijuana dispensary regulations approved in Vancouver, by Lisa Johnson, CBC News, June 24, 2015

• Victoria has 18
Article: Marijuana dispensaries could be licensed in Victoria, by CBC News, May 8, 2015

• Toronto has 20

• Kimberley
Article: Kimberley Council grants business license to medical marijuana dispensary, by Carolyn Grant, Kimberley Daily Bulletin, June 23, 2015

• Kimberley
Article: City of Kimberley grants two more medical marijuana business licenses, by Carolyn Grant, Kimberley Daily Bulletin, September 15, 2015

• West Kelowna
Article: West Kelowna keeping an eye on medical marijuana dispensaries, by John McDonald, April 24, 2015

• approved two dozen
Article: Aurora Cannabis granted Alberta's 1st medicinal marijuana grow licence, Canadian Press, CBC News, February 20, 2015

• supreme court ruled, outraged
Video: Minister Ambrose is ‘outraged’ by Supreme Court ruling on medical marijuana, Global News, June 11, 2015

• she was outraged
Article: Ambrose 'outraged' by SCC's marijuana ruling, by Angela Mulholland, CTV National News, June 11, 2015

• to edible oils
Article: Health Canada issues first two production licenses for cannabis oil, by David Brown, Lift, July 31, 2015

• major ad campaign
Article: Tory anti-pot ad mocked and condemned by YouTube viewers, by Kady O'Malley, CBC News, November 13, 2014

• attack ads
Video: 3 New Conservative TV Ads Attack Justin Trudeau, March 15, 2014

• attack ads
Article: Vancouver MP claims Liberal party promoting marijuana to kids, CBC News, June 20, 2014 9:44

PAGE 128 - Opium poppies. Coca leaves. End the drug war.

• Opium
Article: The Plant Of Joy,

• Opium
Article: Why patients in pain cannot get God's own medicine?, by Gitanjali Batmanabane, Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, April-June 2014

• William Osler
Wikipedia: William Osler

• William Osler
Book: Narcotic Drugs, by Anil Aggrawal, National Book Trust, India, Chapter 2: The Story of Opium

• G.O.M.
Article: When and why were the opiates and cocaine outlawed?, by Clifford A. Schaffer, Basic Facts About the War on Drugs,

• G.O.M.
Book: Drug Use and Abuse, by Stephen A. Maisto, Mark Galizio, Gerard J. Connors, p.26, Nelson Education, 2014

• coca leaves
Website: About Coca Leaf, October 5, 2011

• food source
Video: Need More Calcium and Don't Want Milk? Try Coca Leaves, by Kevin Gianni,

• more protein & calcium
Article: How to use Coca Leaves, Health Benefits Revealed, by David Askaripour, Skrewtips, 2009

• alkaloids
Paper: Coca Myths, Drugs and Democracy Program, no 17,Drugs & Conflict, June 2009, Transnational Institute

• psilocybe mushrooms
Website: Magic Mushrooms

• peyote

• peyote
Book: Plants of the Gods, by Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hoffman, Healing Arts Press, 1992

• mental health
Wikipedia: Psychedelic Therapy

• mental health
Article: Psychedelic drugs might help treat mental health disorders study says, by On the Coast, CBC News, September 08, 2015

• mental health
Article: Psychedelics Could Trigger A ‘Paradigm Shift’ In Mental Health Care, by Carolyn Gregoire, The Huffington Post, September 16 2015

Transcript: Using Psychedelic Drugs To Treat Mental Disorders, The Diana Rehm Show, October 2 2014

• alcoholism
Article: LSD helps to treat alcoholism, by Arran Frood, Nature, March 9 2012

• drug addiction
Website: Ibogaine Therapy, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies,

• banned to subjugate
Article: Legacy of Racial Subjugation: Denying the Right to Vote, by Ira Glasser, Huffington Post, November 28 2014

• adulterated
Study: Agranulocytosis from Levamisole-Adulterated Cocaine, by Kimberly Caldwell MD USAF MC, Oliver Graham MD, James Arnold DO USAF MC, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, August 9 2011

• adulterated
Article: Canadian doctors warn about cocaine cut with dangerous veterinary drug, by Sheena Goodyear, The Peterborough Examiner, September 17, 2013

• prohibition creates dangers
Article: The War on Drugs Creates More Problems Than It Solves, by John Stossel, Capitalism Magazine, September 18, 2015

• prohibition creates dangers
Article: How to stop the drug wars, Economist, March 5, 2009

• prohibition creates dangers
Article/Video: War on drugs a trillion-dollar failure, by Richard Branson, CNN, December 7, 2012

• prohibition creates dangers
Audio: Has the war on drugs been lost?, The Inquiry, BBC World Service, March 18, 2015

• best policy
Article: Legalize drugs to stop violence, by Jeffrey Miron, CNN, March 24, 2009

• best policy
Article: An Economic and Moral Case for Legalizing Cocaine and Heroin, by Jeffrey Miron, Time, July 28 2014, Cato Institute

• begin with cannabis
Paper: Centre for Addiction and Mental health, Cannabis Policy Framework, October 2014

• begin with cannabis
Article: CAMH calls for legalization of marijuana, CBC News, October 9, 2014

PAGE 129 - Russel Barth. Istvan Morton. Activism and struggle.

• Russell Barth
Website: Russell Barth

• most published
Archive: Published Letters by Russell Barth, Media Awareness Project

• Mommy's Funny Medicine
Video: Mommy's Funny Medicine, Russell Barth, 2013

• Istvan Morton
Article: Marijuana hunger-striker Istvan Marton dies, by Postmedia News, National Post, November 21 2011