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Cannabis in Canada: References Pages 101-120

PAGE 101 - Michael Baldasaro and Walter Tucker. G-13 Mission.

• run many times
Wikipedia: Michael Baldasaro, Political Activities

• run many times
Article: Baldasaro Steps Into City's Political Spotlight One More Time, by Kevin Werner, Stoney Creek News, July 16 2004

• parliament three times
Article: If You Smoke Weed, Run for Mayor, by Mark Cripps, Dundas Star News, May 27 2010

• against Joe Clark
Article: Pot-Smoking Cleric Joins Tory Race, Toronto Star, July 14 1998

• against Joe Clark
Article: 'Grass' Roots Push, Toronto Sun, July 18 1998

• "I've spent about"
Personal conversation with Michael Baldasaro, Spring 2015

• "we, god's people"
Article: The Canadian Inquisition, Part One, A history of the Church of the Universe, by Daniel Loehndorf, Cannabis Culture #9, June 1 1997

• walter tucker died
Article: In Tribute to Reverend Brother Walter, The Hamiltonian, April 27 2012

• walter tucker died
Article: Pot advocate Walter Tucker dies at 79, by Daniel Nolan, Hamilton Spectator, April 27 2012

• church brothers arrested
Article: Holy Smokes, by Sam Pazzano, Toronto Sun, April 8 2010

• violated freedom of religion
Article: Marijuana law challenge denied by Ont. court, CBC News, February 7 2011

• a reasonable limit
Article: Holy Smokes! This Toronto-Based Church Goes to Pot, by Rev Bob Ripley, Daily Herald-Tribune, February 11, 2011

• supreme court refused
Article: Toronto judge rejects pot smoking as a religious right, Canadian Press, February 7 2011

• never plead guilty
Book: Never Plead Guilty, by Edwin Pearson and Justin Bill, Church of the Universe, 2012

• never plead guilty
Website: Never Plead Guilty, Church of the Universe

PAGE 102 - Kanesatake Reserve, large scale cultivation, smuggling.

• kanesatake reserve
Wikipedia: Kanesatake, Quebec,_Quebec

• american cigarettes
Article: Police say cigarettes at centre of Kanesatake protest, CBC News, January 13, 2004

• american cigarettes
Article: There’s nothing we’ve done that is illegal, by Tom Blackwell, National Post, September 21, 2010

• cannabis into U.S.
Article: Crime gangs get free roam on Canada Indian reserves, by Colin Nickerson, Boston Globe, February 1, 2004

• large-scale fields, already been harvested
Article: The Grass Cage, by Spanner McNeil, David Wiper, and Peaches, Cannabis Culture, November 5, 1995

• to a million
Article: 500 Police Say, Make My Marijuana, Mohawk Marijuana Again And Again And Again, by Spanner McNeil, Cornwall Free News, June 16, 2011

• to a million, would not go, burned down
Article: Spurning outside help Mohawk peace officers burn marijuana crop, by David Crary, Associated Press, July 28 1995

• 700 pounds
Wikileaks: Kanesatake Grand Chief Gabriel frustrated by law enforcement inaction, Cable, Public Library of US Diplomacy, June 23, 2004

• 500 officers raided
Article: Police hit Mohawk reserve with marijuana raid, Postmedia News, National Post, June 14, 2011

• 500 officers raided
Article: 500 Cops Raid Mohawk Territories, by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, June 15, 2011

• 500 officers raided
Article: 500 officers launch raids on Mohawk land in Quebec, by News Staff, CTV News, June 14, 2011

• "police state"
Article: U.S. says smuggling down at troubled Akwesasne border crossing, by William Marsden, Postmedia News, March 4, 2014

PAGE 103 - John Hill. Indigenous peoples for cannabis.

• John Boncore Hill
Article: Mohawk Warrior Splitting the Sky Passes into Spirit World, by Zig Zag, March 22 2013

• John Boncore Hill
Website: The 'Splitting the Sky' Blog, March 25, 2013

• speech excerpts
Article: Splitting-the-Sky Hill, by Splitting-the-Sky Hill, Washington DC Hemp Rally, July 4, 1991

• don't fall for it
Article: We owe it to Dac to be suspicious and to be vigilant, The Splitting the Sky Blog, March 20, 2013

PAGE 104 - Chris Bennet. Scholar on religious history of cannabis.

• Chris Bennet
Article archive: Chris Bennett, Cannabis Culture

• a spiritual revelation, a divine light
Article: Using my religion, by John Burns, Vancouver Magazine, May 19 2011

• Patriotic Canadians for Hemp, light poured into me
Book: Bud Inc, by Ian Mulgrew, Random House of Canada, 2010

• Patriotic Canadians for Hemp
Article: Cannabis Religious Challenge Update, by Chris Bennett, Cannabis Culture, October 30, 2009

• Green Gold the Tree of Life
Index: Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments: An Entheogen Chrestomathy, byt Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D., Green Gold the Tree of Life Marijuana in Magic & Religion.

• Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible
Book: Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible, by Chris Bennett, Forbidden Fruit Publishing, 2001

• a legal challenge
Article: Vancouver Court Will Rule on Religious Right To Marijuana, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, November 7, 2011

• a new hearing
Article: New trial for man who says smoking pot is part of his faith, by News Staff, News 1130, June 20, 2013

• Urban Shaman
Website: Urban Shaman

• Cannabis and the Soma Solution
Book: Cannabis and the Soma Solution, by Chris Bennett, Trine Day, 2010

• Cannabis and the Soma Solution
Article: Review of Cannabis and the Soma Solution, by Ted Smith, Cannabis Digest, November 5, 2014

PAGE 105 - Rick Simpson. Advocate for cannabis cancer treatment.

• Rick Simpson
Website: Phoenix Tears

• Run From the Cure
Video: Run from the cure, The Rick Simpson Story, Tidal Lake Productions, January 2008

• serious head injury, 2003, 2005 raids, trial in 2007
Article: Rich Simpson's Hemp-Oil Medicine, High Times, November 13 2013

• trial in 2007
Article: Nova Scotia Marijuana "Cancer Cure" Court Case Turns Into Constitutional Concern, by Tom McCoag, The Chronicle Herald, September 14, 2007

• trial in 2007
Article: Nova Scotia Marijuana "Cancer Cure" Grower Rick Simpson Found Guilty, by Raissa Tetanish, The Amherst Daily News, September 18 2007

• The Nature of Things
Video: Reefer Madness 2, The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, CBC TV, October 15 1998

• The Nature of Things
Article: Reefer Madness 2, Summary, Nature of Things, 1998

• raided again in 2009
Article: Rick Simpson Confirms Police Raid on His Home, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, December 2, 2009

• raided again in 2009
Video: Rick Simpson's Home Raided, November 25, 2009

• stayed in Europe
Article: Message from Rick Simpson, by Rick Simpson

PAGE 106 - Pierre Berton. Mordecai Richler. William Gibson.

• Pierre Berton
Wikipedia: Pierre Berton

• Pierre Berton
Audio: Nardwuar vs. Pierre Berton, interview, January 3, 1992

• Pierre Berton
Article: Beavis And Berton?, by Shinan Govani, National Post, June 22, 2004

• Rick Mercer Report
Video: Celebrity Tip with Pierre Berton, by MercerReport, October 18 2004

• Rick Mercer Report
Article: Pierre Berton's celebrity toking tips, by CBC Arts, October 15 2004

• Rick Mercer Report
Article: At 84, Berton Reveals Not All Joints Painful, by Christopher Hutsul, Toronto Star, October 15 2004

• Bruce Lee interview
Video: Bruce Lee the lost interview, The Pierre Burton Show, 1971

• Mordechai Richler
Wikipedia: Mordechai Richler

• Mordechai Richler quotes
Article: Fuzzy thinking keeps marijuana illegal, by Mordecai Richler, The Montreal Gazette, May 7 2000

• William Gibson
Website: William Gibson Books

• expelled for smoking
Book: William Gibson, by Gary Westfahl, p.15, University of Illinois Press, 2013

• avoid being drafted, "I tried whatever"
Article: William Gibson and the Summer of Love — the author’s drug-fuelled days in Yorkville, by Adam Bunch, Spacing Toronto, January 8 2013

• Gandalf's
Video: Toronto’s Yorkville: Hippie haven in 1967, by Knowlton Nash, CBC Newsmagazine, September 4 1967

• Gandalf's
Video: Bongs and muffin recipes in hippie Yorkville 'head shop', by Larry Bondy, CBC Television News, April 18, 1967

PAGE 107 - Popular Canadian musicians who use cannabis.

• Alanis Morissette
Article: Alanis Morissette 'comes out' about marijuana to High Times magazine, by Soraya Roberts, Daily News, December 3 2009

• Weeds
Article: For Alanis Morissette, 'Weeds' is intoxicating stuff, by Bill Keveney, USA Today, June 7 2009

• Weeds
Article: Alanis Morissette Rocks Weeds Doctor Role, by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide, May 12, 2009

• Michael Buble
Article: Clean-cut Michael Buble admits to smoking pot, drinking, partying hard, by Joseph Ruttle,, October 28, 2009

• Michael Buble
Article: Michael Bublé craved cannabis, sex, By Ninemsn staff, 9 News, January 31 2010

• "sweet jamaican pipe"
Lyrics: A Passage To Bangkok, by Rush,

• Alex Lifeson on trailer park boys
Video: Trailer Park Boys - Ricky Kidnaps Alex Lifeson, Youtube

• "liberal party just"
Article: Alex Lifeson: The High Times Interview, by David Bienenstock, High Times Magazine, June 2012

• "go bong shopping"
Article: Canadian Kind, High Times Magazine, June 14 2002

• Burton Cummings
Article: People, The Ottawa Journal, October 2, 1979

• Burton Cummings
Article: Burton Cummings on Drug Charge, The Ottawa Journal, September 11 1979

• Burton Cummings
Article: Singer gets stay in trial, The Ottawa Journal, February 20 1980

PAGE 108 - Canadian actors and movie stars who use cannabis.

• Seth Rogen
Article: Seth Rogen Smoked So Much Weed His Office Had to Be Renovated, by Gabrielle Bluestone, Gawker, March 4 2015

• promoting green hornet
Article: The Greatest Seth Rogen Quotes About Weed, by Randolph, Ranker

• promoting green hornet
Article: Seth always smokes but is never stoned, Howard Stern, September 26, 2011

• Letterman
Video: Seth Rogen & David Letterman Talk about Weed, Late Show With David Letterman, December 5 2012

• Pamela Anderson
Article: Celebrity stoners, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, October 31, 2002

• letter to Obama
Article: Pamela Anderson writes on marijuana, vegetarianism to Barack Obama, by News Corp Australia Network, September 17, 2009

• Dan Aykroyd
Video: Dan Aykroyd Speaks Candidly About Cocaine & Weed, Sway in the Morning, April 12 2013

• Ryan Gosling
Article: Rocky Mountain High: 17 Celebs Who Should Consider Moving to Colorado, by McCarton, Hollywire, November 2012

• Ryan Gosling
Photo: Ryan Gosling smoking joint on red carpet,

• Tom Green
Video: Tom Green, Marijuana, Condoms, and Jaycee Lee Dugard, Planet Arium, March 26 2010

PAGE 109 - The Trailer Park Boys, cannabis culture icons.

• Trailer Park Boys
Website: Trailer Park Boys

• Trailer Park Boys
IMDB: Trailer Park Boys

• Trailer Park Boys
Wikipedia: List of Trailer Park Boys episodes

• met Marc Emery
Video: Trailer Park Boys meet Marc Emery, The Vancouver Wave, September 25 2009

PAGE 110 - Top Canadian athletes who use cannabis.

• ross rebagliati
Article: Olympic snowboarding champion Ross Rebagliati touts pot as performance enhancing drug, by Joe O'Connor, National Post, April 22, 2015

• ross rebagliati
Website: Ross Gold

• ross rebagliati
Article: Snowboarder Loses Medal After Drug Test, by Tom Weir, USA Today, February 11 1998

• ross rebagliati
Article: Rebagliati Now Worth Even More, Agent Says, by John MacKie, Vancouver Sun, February 12 1998

• detained and questioned
Book: Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports from the Nineteenth Century to Today, by Daniel M. Rosen, p.93, ABC-CLIO, 2008

• detained and questioned
Book: Doping in Elite Sport: The Politics of Drugs in the Olympic Movement, by Wayne Wilson, Human Kinetics, 2001

• second-hand smoke
Article: Canadian Vows To Don Gas Mask Near Dope-Smoking Friends, Reuters, February 12 1998

• second-hand smoke
Article: Marijuana use leaves Olympics doping officials striving for balance, by Paul Waldie, Globe and Mail
February 15, 2014

• "smoke a fatty"
Article: After bringing new meaning to "Olympic Gold," Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati returns to a festive welcome, by Bill Donahue, Dispatches, Outside Online, May 1998

• "smoke a fatty"
Article: The history of snowboarding, Snowboarding Help

• two-time nba mvp
Article: Recognizing Steve Nash’s achievements, on and off the court, by Ann Hui, Globe and Mail, March 22 2015

• 100 most influential
Article: Steve Nash, Heroes & Pioneers, by Charles Barklet, May 8 2006,28804,1975813_1975847_1976610,00.html

• all star stoner teams
Article: NBA All-Stoner Team, by Joe, Doobie Me, November 1, 2013

• all star stoner teams
Article: The NBA's All Star Stoner Team or The Most Athletic Weed Smokers in the World, By Barry Bard, October 30 2013

• drake and steve nash
Article: Steve Nash Chilled With Drake On Thanksgiving, by Brandon Bombay, Ball over all, November 29 2013

• track called Steve Nash
Article: OBrien drops a new track – Steve Nash, by Fuxwithit, January 27 2014

• CFL doesn't test
Article: Blue Bomber charged with marijuana possession, CTV Winnipeg, June 10 2013

• CFL doesn't test, troy westwood
Article: Cannabis and the CFL, by Randy Turner, Winnipeg Free Press, June 15 2013

• CFL doesn't test
Article: WADA exec calls CFL drug policy "irresponsible," ignores NCAA to NFL comparison, by Andrew Bucholtz, Yahoo Sports, June 22 2015

• haven for NFL players
Article: CFL Is Becoming A Halfway House For NFL's Convicted, by Greg Layson, Sault Star, May 15 2006

• haven for NFL players
Article: Drug-Test Dodger, Beacon Herald, May 31 2006

• haven for NFL players
Article: Ban Williams, by Jason Magder, The Suburban, May 31 2006

• Tad Kornegay
Article: There's Grass on the Football Field, by Aiti Kinkhabwala, Wall Street Journal, April 23 2010

• NHL doesn't penalize
Article: CHL still lacks drug testing policy, by Ryan Pyette, Sun Media, Welland Tribune, March 20, 2008

• NHL doesn't penalize
Article: For the NHL and NHLPA, Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug, by Dominik, Lighthouse Hockey, June 9, 2015

•Ddarren Mccarty
Article: Sober again: 'This is a different Darren McCarty', by George Sipple, Detroit Free Press, February 25, 2016

• wrestling
Article: Manitoba Wrestler Tests Positive for Marijuana, by David Karelin, Amateur Wrestling, 2012

• speed skating
Article: Canadian Skater Suspended for Failed Cannabis Test, by CBC Sports, May 13, 2011

• violates the spirit
Website: The Prohibited List, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

• violates the spirit
Website: Testing FAQ, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

PAGE 111 - Lawyers Kirk Tousaw, John Conroy, Alan Young.

• John Conroy
Website: John Conroy

• founding member NORML, prominent clients
Article: John Conroy QC, Lawyers Profiles,

• NORML founding members
Personal conversation with John Conroy, Spring 2015

• Clayton Ruby
Book: Bud Inc, by Ian Mulgrew, Random House of Canada, 2010

• NORML President
Video: John Conroy president of NORML Canada, NORML National Conference, Toronto, September 26, 2015

• VANDU & Insite
Document: Amended Statement of Claim, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, In the Supreme Court of British Columbia, August 28 2007

• Kirk Tousaw
Website: Tousaw Law Corporation

• busted at 15, banner
Article: Lawyers navigating complex world of new marijuana regulations, by Michael McKiernan, Law Times, July 13 2015

• Mat Beren
Article: 'It's an awesome day, by Matt Kieltyka, 24 Hours, February 3 2009

• Owen Smith
Article and Video: Owen Smith CTV on The Supreme Court of Canada Marijuana Ruling, Cannabis Culture, June 11 2015

• forfeiture, dogs
Website: Representative Cases, Tousaw Law Corporation

• Allard case
Article: B.C. medical marijuana case wraps up in Federal Court, by Matthew Robinson, Vancouver Sun, May 3 2015

• Alan Young
Wikipedia: Alan Young

• Harichy and Wakeford
Article: Multiple med-pot challenges, by Chris Clay, Cannabis Culture, May 1, 1998

• let patients access
Article: Canada’s med-pot lawsuit, by Reverend Damuzi, Cannabis Culture, December 17, 2002

• more than one patient
Article: Federal medical pot appeal up in smoke, by Canwest News Service, October 28 2008

• swingers clubs
Article: Swingers' clubs hope ruling will help to stimulate their business, by Oliver Moore, Globe and Mail, December 23, 2005

• prostitution laws
Article: Prostitution appeal finally gets its day in court, by Kirk Makin, The Globe and Mail, June 13, 2013

• Innocence Project
Website: Innocence Project, McGill University

PAGE 112 - Bob Erb. Cannabis advocate, lottery winner, donor.

• won $25 million
Video: $25 Million Winner Bob Erb, Lotto Max, Daily Motion

• generous fellow
Article: Bob Erb, A $25-million man with a heart as big as his Lotto Max jackpot, by Paul Luke, The Province, October 18, 2013

• BC Marijuana Party
Article: Election Profile- Bob Erb, Marijuana Party, by Sarah Zimmerman, Terrace Standard, May 4 2001

• BC Marijuana Party
Article: Pot Candidate Happy That He Placed Third, by Sarah Zimmerman, Terrace Standard, May 17 2001

• ran for mayor
Article: Erb Offers The Herb, by Jeff Nagel, Terrace Standard, November 20 2002

• ran for mayor
Article: Mayor Asked Cops To Lay Off Marijuana Party Opponent, by Jeff Nagel, Terrace Standard, November 20 2002

• while smoking joints
Video: BC Pot Activist Hits Lottery Jackpot, CTV News, November 13 2012

• charities & food banks
Video: Lottery winner shares the wealth, The National, CBC, December 16, 2013

• 4/20 rallies
Article: 4/20 bankrolled by BC lottery winner Bob Erb, by Steve Mertl, Daily Brew, Yahoo News, April 20 2013

• 4/20 rallies
Article: Lottery winner puts $1-million toward effort to legalize marijuana, by Sarah Boesveld, National Post, April 18 2013

• 4/20 rallies
Article: B.C. Lotto winner donates money to Alberta "4:20" celebrations, 660 News, February 10 2013

• 4/20 rallies
Article and Video: 4/20 activists march down Clifton Hill, by Matt Day, Ottawa Sun, April 21, 2013

• 4/20 rallies
Article: Hundreds march for marijuana legalization, CTV Montreal, May 4, 2013

• 2013 20 cities
Article: 420 Four Twenty 2013 World Wide, by Chris Goodwin, Cannabis Culture, February 19, 2013

• 2015 42 cities
Website: 420 Rallies

• Ottawa 2013 10,000
Video: 10000+ Canadians Fill Parliament Hill on 4/20 in Ottawa, April 20 2013

• Ottawa 2013 10,000
Article: Thousands crowd Parliament Hill for 4/20 marijuana smoke-in, by Chris Hofley, Toronto Sun, April 20 2013

• Ottawa 2014 15,000
Article: Crowd of 15,000 at pro-pot rally, organizers say, by Carys Mills, Ottawa Citizen, April 21 2014

• vancouver 4/20
Article: Vancouver Art Gallery Becomes Marijuana Farmers Market for 4/20 Protest, Cannabis Culture, April 17, 2015

• conferences
Article: Bob Erb backs pot campaign, by Margaret Speirs, Terrace Standard, February 11, 2013

• conferences
Article: First Erb4Herb Legalize It conference, Erb4Herb, February 6, 2013

• conferences
Article: Second Erb4Herb Legalize It Conference, Erb4Herb, September 4, 2013

• erb 4 herb
Website: Erb4Herb

• sponsor Sensible BC
Article: Marijuana Legalization: Sensible B.C. Raises Cash, Needs Volunteers, by Jesse Ferreras, Huffington Post, August 1 2013

• sponsor Sensible BC
Article: Bob Erb backs pot campaign, by Margaret Speirs, Terrace Standard, February 11 2013

• 4/20 2013
Article: 4/20 2013: Worldwide Marijuana Rally List, by Chris Goodwin, Cannabis Culture, March 16 2013

• ottawa 2013
Article: Marijuana enthusiasts fill Parliament Hill in haze of smoke on 4/20, by Chris Hofley, Ottawa Sun, April 20 2013

• Ottawa 2013:
Video: 4:20 Ottawa 2013, Les Mosquitos

PAGE 113 - Politicians debate cannabis. Sensible BC campaign.

• in favour of legalization
Video: Justin Trudeau on Cannabis and First Nations, Kelowna, July 23, 2013

• last smoked cannabis
Article: Justin Trudeau Smoked Marijuana After Becoming MP, by Althia Raj, Huffington Post, August 22 2013

• pledged to legalize
Article: Justin Trudeau wants to legalize marijuana in order to 'keep it out of the hands of our kids', National Post, July 24, 2013

• pro-legalization policy
Article: Liberal delegates vote yes to legalizing marijuana, no to cutting off monarchy, National Post, January 15, 2012

• detailed draft proposal
Paper: Legalization of Marijuana, Answering Questions and Developig a Framwork, Liberal Party of Canada (BC) Standing Policy Committee, January 2013

• promoting marijuana use
Article: Harper says Trudeau is ‘promoting marijuana use for children’ but leaves door open to tickets for possession, by Josh Visser, National Post, August 29, 2013

• I was offered a joint
Article: Too drunk to toke, Harper tells students, by Jane Taber, Globe and Mail, May 3 2003

• the party position
Article: Decriminalize, study, and then go from there: NDP's pot policy, by Giuseppe Valiante, QMI, Sun News Network, October 20 2014

• cause mental illness
Video: NDP is against marijuana decriminalization!, March 20 2012

• Sensible BC campaign
Website: Sensible BC

• over 4000 volunteer
Article: The future of Sensible BC and our campaign for marijuana reform, by Dana Larsen, Sensible BC, April 8 2014

• 202,037 signatures
Document: Summary of Initiative Petitions, 1995-2016, Elections BC

PAGE 114 - Canadians politicians who use cannabis.

• Justin Trudeau smoked, Michel Trudeau possession
Article: Justin Trudeau Smoked Marijuana After Becoming MP, by Althia Raj, Huffington post, August 22, 2012

• "What was in it"
Article: Like Father, Like Son? The Trudeaus Chew on Grass Legalization, by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture, August 9, 2013

• "I like grass."
Article: The grass doesn’t grow under Justin’s feet, by Gordon Gibson, Globe and Mail, August 6 2013

• Richard Hatfield
Article: Politician Pays Price For Life On The Edge, by Janet Cawley, Chicago Tribune, March 25, 1985

• Richard Hatfield
Video: Richard Hatfield Drug Party, Fredericton News Channel

• Richard Hatfield
Book: The Acadians: In Search of a Homeland, by James Laxer, p.247, Doubleday Canada, 2010

• "I won't deny that"
Article: I smoked a lot’ of pot, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says, but he won't say when, by Elizabeth Church and Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail, August 28, 2013

• sold hash, mid teens
Article: Globe investigation: The Ford family’s history with drug dealing, by Greg McArthur and Shannon Kari, Globe and Mail, May 25, 2013

• sold hash
Article: Globe and Mail prepared to defend Doug Ford allegations in court, by CTV News staff, CTV News, May 27, 2013

PAGE 115 - Provincial politicians who used cannabis.

• drinking beer
Image: Michael Ignatieff, Stephen Harper, Jack Layton drinking beer, Canadian Press files, Huffington Post

• drinking beer
Article: Stephen Harper: He Didn't Drink That For You, by Bigcitylib, March 31, 2011

• drinking beer
Image: BC Premier Christy Clark with beer

• drinking beer
Image: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne pouring beer

• Christy Clark
Article: Christy Clark Marijuana Use: B.C. Premier All But Admits Smoking Pot In High School But Says She Won't Lobby Ottawa, Canadian Press, Huffington Post, May 1, 2012

• Kathleen Wynne
Article: I smoked a lot’ of pot, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says, but he won't say when, by Elizabeth Church and Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail, August 28, 2013

• Darrell Dexter
Article: Nova Scotia premier smoked marijuana in university, Canadian press, Maclean's Magazine, August 29, 2013

• Gilles Duceppe
Photo caption: Gilles Duceppe, Vancouver Sun, 2016

• Bob Wilson
Article: Victory in sight after long fight, by Bruce Owen, Winnipeg Free Press, January 13, 2011

• Bob Wilson
Article: MLA Bob Wilson went down on drug charges after RCMP hid vital info from defence, by The Black Rod, November 18, 2012

• Bob Wilson
Article: Bob Wilson, by Gerry Jenn Wilson, Punkglobe

• Ian MacDonald
Article: Former MLA hopes fugitive's arrest will clear his name, by News Staff, CTV News, January 15, 2011

• Ian MacDonald
Video: Pot Fugitive Ian Jackson MacDonald Says MLA Bob Wilson is Innocent, CTV News, March 24, 2011

PAGE 116 - Two million cannabis arrests. Statistics on arrests.

• two millionth
Website: Canadian legal Info, Cannabis Arrests,

• cannabis possession arrests per year (chart 1):

2013: 59,354
Juristat: Police-reported crime for selected offences, Canada, 2013 and 2014, Statistics Canada

2012: 57,429, 2011: 61,674
Juristat: Police-reported crime for selected offences, Canada, 2011 and 2012, Statistics Canada

2010: 56,870
Juristat: Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2010, by Shannon Brennan and Mia Dauvergne, July 21 2011

2009: 49,151
Juristat: Police-reported crime for selected offences, Canada, 2009 and 2010, Statistics Canada

2008: 50,145, 2007: 47,355
Juristat: Police-reported crime for selected offences, Canada, 2007 and 2008, Statistics Canada

2006: 43,634
Juristat: Crime Statistics in Canada 2006, by Warren Silver

• cannabis possession and trafficking arrests by region (chart 2)
Juristat: Police-reported crime for selected offences, by north-south region, 2013

• Rate of all cannabis arrests by province (chart 3)
Juristat: Police-reported Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) violations, by type of substance, by province and territory, 2013

• propaganda campaigns
Article: Tory anti-pot ad mocked and condemned by YouTube viewers, by Kady O'Malley, CBC News, November 13 2014

• 43% had tried once, 12% used in past year, 33% among age 18-24 tried in last year, 5% use daily
Article: Pot smoked or used by 12% over a year: StatsCan, CBC News, April 15 2015

• poll in 2013
News Release: More than two thirds support decriminalization/legalization of marijuana, Forum Research Inc., August 24, 2013

• poll in 2013
Article: Majority of Canadians want to loosen marijuana laws: polls, by Eric Grenier, Globe and Mail, August 29 2013

• Additional statistics on cannabis offences in Canada
Juristat: Police-reported cannabis offences, by type of offence, Canada, 1977 to 2007

Juristat: Police-reported drug offences, by type of drug, Canada, 1977 to 2007

PAGE 117 - American influence. US police in Canada.

• threatens and rewards
Book: Drug War American Style: The Internationalization of Failed Policy and its Alternatives, by Jurg Gerber and Eric Jensen, Routledge, 2014

• threatens and rewards
Paper: Canada's Proposed Decriminalization of Marijuana: International Implications and Views, Prepared by: Wade Raaflaub, Law and Government Division, and Tim Schobert, Senior Reference Librarian, Janet Shute-Taylor, Reference Librarian, PRB 04-33E, Parliament of Canada, 17 December 2004

• US global drug policy
Article: U.S. Bullies World Into Waging Futile Drug War, by Dan Gardner, Ottawa Citizen, January 7, 2001

• "Legalization would be great"
Article: Canada didn't decriminalize marijuana — because of the United States?, by Chad Rubel, Canadian Crossing, December 14 2009

• "blatant acts in disregard"
Judgement: United States of America v. Licht, 2002 BCSC 1151 (CanLII), Reasons for Judgement of the Honourable Madam Justice Dillon, Docket CC000801, August 1, 2002

• second Canadian office
Article: DEA in BC, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture #34, November 1, 2001

• second Canadian office
Article: Why Are U.S. Drug Cops in Vancouver?, by Alisa Smith, The Tyee, October 27 2004

• DEA in Canada, "Our summit was"
Article: The Fifth Estate investigates DEA presence in BC, byThe Fifth Estate, transcript by Reverend Damuzi, April 23, 2001

• "Our summit was"
Article: US drug-war in Canada!, by Reverend Damuzi, Cannabis Culture #31, June 27 2001

• "Canada is now"
Article: RCMP focuses on traffickers: commissioner: Mounties not interested in making criminals out of marijuana users, Ottawa Citizen, May 16, 2003

• Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act
Act: Integrated Cross-border Law Enforcement Operations Act, S.C. 2012, c. 19, s. 368, Justice Laws Website

• Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act
Article: Cross-border policing provokes sovereignty worries, by Mark Gollom, CBC News, July 11, 2012

• Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act
Article: Tricky Legislation: Integrated Cross-border Law Enforcement Operations Act, by CLBC Administrator, Courthouse Libraries BC, August 13, 2012

• Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act
Article: Do we really want U.S. police working on Canadian soil?, by Jim Hume, The Victoria Times Colonist, August 26 2012

• US police the same powers
Article: Cross-border policing provokes sovereignty worries, by Mark Gollom, CBC News, July 11, 2012

• subject only to US law
Article: U.S. wants cross-border officers exempt from Canadian law, Canadian Press, CBC News, July 31, 2013

• subject only to US law
Article: Canada-U.S. Border: American Police Want Legal Exemptions, RCMP Says, by Jim Brinskill, Canadian Press, Huffington Post, July 30 2013

PAGE 118 - Massive industry against cannabis. DARE program.

• one billion dollars
Article: Marijuana legalization would be tax bonanza, prof says, CBC News, April 2, 2014

• lobbied against
Book: Killer Weed, by Susan Boyd, Connie Carter, p.43, University of Toronto Press, 2014

• lobbied against
Article: Expert testimony and analysis of Canada's drug law, by Dana Larsen, Cannabis Culture, July 31 2000

• nearly 5%
Article: How Canada achieved a state of perfect absurdity on marijuana policy, by Chris Selley, National Post, August 30, 2013

• militarization of law enforcement

• militarization of law enforcement
Article: Canadian Police Forces Want to Protect You with Military Battle Gear, by Flavie Halais, Vice, June 9 2014

• militarization of law enforcement
Article: Armed and Dangerous, by John Lorinc, The Walrus, December 20 2014

• civil forfeiture
Website: Civil Forfeiture Office, British Columbia Government

• civil forfeiture
Website: Civil Forfeiture in Canada

• civil forfeiture
Paper: Targeting Marihuana Growing Operations in British Columbia, Jordan Diplock, Professor Darryl Plecas, and Fire Chief Len Garis, p. 10, University of the Fraser Valley, August 2013

• civil forfeiture
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• civil forfeiture
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• assumed to be guilty:
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• D.A.R.E. in Canada
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• D.A.R.E Ontario
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• who famously said
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• Several studies
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• doesn't reduce
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• may increase
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PAGE 119 - David Bratzer. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

• Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
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• led by David Bratzer
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• human rights complaint
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PAGE 120 - Therapeutic cannabinoids. THC, CBN, CBD, CBC, CBG.

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• over 100 cannabinoids
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• cancer
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• anandamide
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• dronabinol, marinol
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• nabilone
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• cesamet
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• CB1 and CB2, cannabinoids receptors
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